Dzagyel in 2012

The renovation of the school has been completed. Walls have been painted and the classrooms are decorated with traditional Tibetan paintings. Moreover, the classrooms have been equipped with proper desks and chairs! The weather is now severely cold in the area but classes can still continue.

Later this year we will continue with the Dormitory building, but with winter temperatures well below -30 we have to wait until early spring 2012 before we can commence this next phase of the project. If you have read previous posts you will see that this phase has been sponsored, in large part, by Stichting Overal. Securing a residential qualified Chinese/Maths teacher is still a major goal. Staff can be found for the summer months but few are able to deal with the challenging harsh winters in such a remote area. Presently most lessons are giving in the Tibetan language with some Chinese being taught also. Our focus right now is to increase Chinese language lessons in the summer months when it is easier to find good qualified teachers. We still trying to convince more parents to send more daughters to the school, presently 9 out of 61,  are girls. The fact that the school has become a place of change, a place that impresses the community will help us achieve this goal as will a residential dormitory.


The ‘one-meal-a-day’ policy is going well and a new village greenhouse now provides more vegetables but once again the winter weather puts a limit on that also. The trials of living in the Himalaya’s are many.


We trust you will see that Norlha Nederland has delivered on it’s commitment to this project, we hope you can see the difference that your funds have made. We’ve come a long way from 2010 with just two small rooms made of mud walls. The dormitory with be another major step taken this year. We will still need funds to furnish it with fittings, beds and small cabinets for over 30 students (the school has 60-70 students). It will also increase the schools responsibilities, becoming full-time guardians for the boys and girls. We here to help them, to continue with fundraising for their needs and to help the community in other areas such as health and medical care. In 2011, we built a bridge, in 2012 we will cross it many times.


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