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“Dzagyel school was the only school supported by Norlha which didn’t close during the Caterpillar Fungus season! This shows a real motivation from both the teachers and the parents to give to their children the best chance to build their future. In all the other villages, the schools closed during two months (from end of April to beginning of July), because all the families move to the hills to pick up the Caterpillar fungus (a fungus with medicinal properties which is sold at a very high price in all China).”

“The construction of the building has already started, and the children have now their classes in a big tent. The walls have been built (all in stones) as well as the windows frames (very beautiful!). They think the construction should be finished in October.”

“As you all know, there are currently only Tibetan courses in the school, and no Chinese course. Actually, it is very difficult for Dzagyel school to find a Chinese teacher willing to live in such a remote area, without a reasonable salary and good living conditions. This is why building this teacher resident room is very important for them, for the school, and especially for the children, if we want them to have all the necessary “tools” to build their future!”


Video: The children of Dzagyel and the old adobe mud school before the new building commenced.

“When we arrived, all the parents were at the school as the headmaster, Sonam Darje, was explaining them the importance of encouraging their children to do their homework, as well as to wash their children clothes (who are very dirty). So it was perfect time to start our workshop on hygiene! The parents all stayed at the school and they were all very curious about what we were doing so, the workshop aimed at the children ended up to be also beneficial for the parents! Some soaps, towels, nail clippers, tooth brushes and tooth paste were distributed to the children and Lochoe explained to them the importance of keeping a good hygiene, and how to wash hands and wash teeth. All the children participated with enthousiasm to the activity, which ended with a quick cleaning of the garbages around the school.”

“Dzagyel school leaders and teachers are highly motivated but they do lack the financial resources to realize all the projects they have in mind. This year, thanks to Norlha support, they have all the financial means necessary to build the two classrooms and the teacher office. But for next year, they still lack some money for the dining room, kitchen and teacher resident room.”

Cosima Thommen – Field Officer Norlha

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