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Those of you who have been following our work will know that 2011 was a busy year….we built a school in Dzagyel! In 2012 we went one step further, we build a dormitory to sleep 30 children from Nomadic family’s in the region. It has taken time to be able to provide you with an update. It’s a remote area and our Field Officer has vast ground to cover and many projects to oversee. With such a grueling schedule it is all to easy to loose a USB stick with the last field trip foto’s…these things happen! But finally we’re able to show you the progress that has been carried forward from 2011. And indeed, what a progress.

Take a look at how remote Dzagyel is on Wikimapia…

The major funds (€10,000) donated by Stichting Overal were actually allocated to to this phase of the project. The initial plan was to build the dormitory as a separate building but in the end, it was considered most cost effective and easier for heating and maintenance to add a whole new floor level on top! We at Norlha build trust with the communities we help, we don’t dictate the details to them. We know it is the project managers on the ground who know best, and seldom do they let us down.

So what now? Well, Norlha Nederland discussed this at length with Agathe Paron (Field Officer) and management, recently at our Switzerland HQ. Problems remain. The school running cost and salaries are still difficult to find, over 50% of the money for the total building of school and new dormitory was gathered by the local community, it hasn’t left them with much in the pot.

Dzagyel_Update1 Dzagyel_Update2

Additionally we been asked to find funding for the salaries of two doctors for a clinic in the same region. That will cost €500 per month. So that’s it, we’ve made a success story in Dzagyel and in this remote region of Western China but there’s still lost more to do.

So we need to find more funding for both teachers and doctors, not forever, just for a while until they can get things working smoothly themselves. So far they’ve done us proud…lets keep it that way…keep donating, keep supporting us, keep the good work going.

And thank you Stichting Overal.

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