We decided a great way to kick off our 2014 fundraising campaign was to sell on Kingsday. We’ve done this in past years, it’s a great way to meet the public and to increase awareness of Norlha Nederland in general. Previously we raised €140, but this year we nearly doubled that at €260. Putting yourself in front of the public and asking for money is both a profound and crucial experience. It forces you to question what you actually know about the charity and it’s projects, but more importantly it checks your own motivation about doing such work.

The public were generous, surprised, and delighted – to see people using the festival, not just to make money or have fun, but to work for others. It was amazing to see how many children donated money, how many teenagers were generally intrigued by our projects. One young Asian girl gave a very generous donation, a group of young Dutch ethnic guys loved the jewelry on sale, the length and diversity of inter-actors was inspiring. And that was what the event was about, inspiration! The money should always come second and the people first. So was it.


We at Norlha Nederland are volunteers, proud but few. Increasingly one reads how life changing it is to do voluntary work, research indicates volunteers are happier people. Adding a deeper meaning for individuals, it means we begin to worry about others and not just our own problems, finding that job, the new client or just paying the rent. This blog update will soon appear on my linkedin profile, I’m happy to show others that my sole purpose in life is not purely the pursuit of a ‘career’. It says more about me as a person than all the lengthy experience listed on my Resume.

Wij zoeken donateurs en vrijwilligers voor projecten. Wordt actief!

Norlha HQ in Switzerland does have a small team of paid employee’s, but the majority of project management and fundraising is by volunteers. Some of our sponsors like that we are a predominantly voluntary organization, some see it as limiting in scope. Regardless we need both.

Do you want to be happier, do you have a connection or affinity with the Himalayan people. Are you Dutch? Are you other? We would just love to hear from you.

Pearse Gaffney