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We’d like all our friends to show their support for Norlha in the coolest possible way. Each T-shirt and Hoodie bought via Fabrily with include a donation of €8 for our Nepal projects. How easy is that? Please share our campaign on your social media with your friends. The campaign will only last for one month, so buy now before they sell out!

Why Himalaya?

We help communities who live on the roof of the world. Life at 5000m is not easy. The environment brings constant challenges, the ecology is delicate and increasingly treatened, it’s people’s are diverse in ethnicity and socioeconomic background.

The region is undergoing rapid change, environmental and economic problems are complex. Rural minorities are finding it difficult to move forward in this new global age. We have projects in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We’ve built greenhouses, schools, care homes and health clinics. We train nurses, we teach children, we train mothers during pregnancy, greatly increasing infant mortality rates after birth. We change farming techniques. We help women carry leading roles in rural communities. We feel people are already empowered. We try to listen, reach out and help them.

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We decided a great way to kick off our 2014 fundraising campaign was to sell on Kingsday. We’ve done this in past years, it’s a great way to meet the public and to increase awareness of Norlha Nederland in general. Previously we raised €140, but this year we nearly doubled that at €260. Putting yourself in front of the public and asking for money is both a profound and crucial experience. It forces you to question what you actually know about the charity and it’s projects, but more importantly it checks your own motivation about doing such work.

The public were generous, surprised, and delighted – to see people using the festival, not just to make money or have fun, but to work for others. It was amazing to see how many children donated money, how many teenagers were generally intrigued by our projects. One young Asian girl gave a very generous donation, a group of young Dutch ethnic guys loved the jewelry on sale, the length and diversity of inter-actors was inspiring. And that was what the event was about, inspiration! The money should always come second and the people first. So was it.


We at Norlha Nederland are volunteers, proud but few. Increasingly one reads how life changing it is to do voluntary work, research indicates volunteers are happier people. Adding a deeper meaning for individuals, it means we begin to worry about others and not just our own problems, finding that job, the new client or just paying the rent. This blog update will soon appear on my linkedin profile, I’m happy to show others that my sole purpose in life is not purely the pursuit of a ‘career’. It says more about me as a person than all the lengthy experience listed on my Resume.

Wij zoeken donateurs en vrijwilligers voor projecten. Wordt actief!

Norlha HQ in Switzerland does have a small team of paid employee’s, but the majority of project management and fundraising is by volunteers. Some of our sponsors like that we are a predominantly voluntary organization, some see it as limiting in scope. Regardless we need both.

Do you want to be happier, do you have a connection or affinity with the Himalayan people. Are you Dutch? Are you other? We would just love to hear from you.

Pearse Gaffney


Support Himalayan farmers!

We (Norlha International) have decided to try a new fundraising tool and use a crowd funding platform to raise the missing amount. These platforms work by strongly activating our communities and networks, spreading the word around via social networks, emails etc. Thanks to this platform, everyone can contribute small amounts of money and be part of a collective effort which will lead to the launching of our project! For each donation, everyone will receive a contribution, and of course regular updates on the project!


Please make a donation and/or share this link.

Dzagyel 1+1 = 2

Those of you who have been following our work will know that 2011 was a busy year….we built a school in Dzagyel! In 2012 we went one step further, we build a dormitory to sleep 30 children from Nomadic family’s in the region. It has taken time to be able to provide you with an update. It’s a remote area and our Field Officer has vast ground to cover and many projects to oversee. With such a grueling schedule it is all to easy to loose a USB stick with the last field trip foto’s…these things happen! But finally we’re able to show you the progress that has been carried forward from 2011. And indeed, what a progress.

Take a look at how remote Dzagyel is on Wikimapia…

The major funds (€10,000) donated by Stichting Overal were actually allocated to to this phase of the project. The initial plan was to build the dormitory as a separate building but in the end, it was considered most cost effective and easier for heating and maintenance to add a whole new floor level on top! We at Norlha build trust with the communities we help, we don’t dictate the details to them. We know it is the project managers on the ground who know best, and seldom do they let us down.

So what now? Well, Norlha Nederland discussed this at length with Agathe Paron (Field Officer) and management, recently at our Switzerland HQ. Problems remain. The school running cost and salaries are still difficult to find, over 50% of the money for the total building of school and new dormitory was gathered by the local community, it hasn’t left them with much in the pot.

Dzagyel_Update1 Dzagyel_Update2

Additionally we been asked to find funding for the salaries of two doctors for a clinic in the same region. That will cost €500 per month. So that’s it, we’ve made a success story in Dzagyel and in this remote region of Western China but there’s still lost more to do.

So we need to find more funding for both teachers and doctors, not forever, just for a while until they can get things working smoothly themselves. So far they’ve done us proud…lets keep it that way…keep donating, keep supporting us, keep the good work going.

And thank you Stichting Overal.

Activity Report for 2011

Our activity has been somewhat slow this year, we’ve been consolidating on existing contacts and projects, moving them forward. Fundraising has been minimal, but we hope to connect with some fruitful income sources before the year closes. More updates to follow, but for now, please take a look at what Norlha did achieve last year…we think it’s pretty impressive.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Activity Report 2011

Dzagyel in 2012

The renovation of the school has been completed. Walls have been painted and the classrooms are decorated with traditional Tibetan paintings. Moreover, the classrooms have been equipped with proper desks and chairs! The weather is now severely cold in the area but classes can still continue.

Later this year we will continue with the Dormitory building, but with winter temperatures well below -30 we have to wait until early spring 2012 before we can commence this next phase of the project. If you have read previous posts you will see that this phase has been sponsored, in large part, by Stichting Overal. Securing a residential qualified Chinese/Maths teacher is still a major goal. Staff can be found for the summer months but few are able to deal with the challenging harsh winters in such a remote area. Presently most lessons are giving in the Tibetan language with some Chinese being taught also. Our focus right now is to increase Chinese language lessons in the summer months when it is easier to find good qualified teachers. We still trying to convince more parents to send more daughters to the school, presently 9 out of 61,  are girls. The fact that the school has become a place of change, a place that impresses the community will help us achieve this goal as will a residential dormitory.


The ‘one-meal-a-day’ policy is going well and a new village greenhouse now provides more vegetables but once again the winter weather puts a limit on that also. The trials of living in the Himalaya’s are many.


We trust you will see that Norlha Nederland has delivered on it’s commitment to this project, we hope you can see the difference that your funds have made. We’ve come a long way from 2010 with just two small rooms made of mud walls. The dormitory with be another major step taken this year. We will still need funds to furnish it with fittings, beds and small cabinets for over 30 students (the school has 60-70 students). It will also increase the schools responsibilities, becoming full-time guardians for the boys and girls. We here to help them, to continue with fundraising for their needs and to help the community in other areas such as health and medical care. In 2011, we built a bridge, in 2012 we will cross it many times.


Stichting Overal

Overa logo

Met grote vreugde willen we u laten weten dat we een grote stap in ons Dzagyel project gezet hebben. Stichting Overal heeft 10.000 euro gedoneerd voor de bouw van een slaapzaal. Stichting Overal is een niet-gesubsidieerde organisatie met meer dan 30 vrijwilligers die tweedehands huishoudelijke artikelen verzamelen, herstellen en verkopen. Dit is duurzaamheid ten top, het is dan ook de vrijgevigheid en het harde werk van de Nederlanders die dit mogelijk hebben gemaakt.

IMG_8723 IMG_8763

Deze donatie stelt nomadische kinderen, die ver van de school wonen in staat om goed onderwijs te volgen. De slaapzaal zal worden gebouwd van steen en maakt het mogelijk dat tot 30 kinderen er comfortabel kunnen slapen. Er zijn zeer strenge winters in het gebied met temperaturen tot -30. Maar…er is nog steeds veel meer te doen en er is nog meer geld nodig. De school heeft nog een goede vaste leraar Chinees nodig. Ook hebben we financiering nodig voor lopende kosten, geschikte tafels en materialen. We hebben een hele goede start gemaakt, laten we de school en de schoolkinderen tot een goed einde brengen’!